Your Money or Your Life



Do you wish you could escape the corporate world?

This is the goal of the Nomadic Traveler.  

There have been so many times, I've heard people lament that they have to work so much, they wish they could spend more time with their children or vacation. Yet, in the next breath, they'll brag about the great big new home they bought and the St. John's suit. I wonder to myself, "Should I help them figure out what they really value?" because in the end, our spending habits reflect what we really value, what is really important to us. Too often these are unconscious statements, begging for approval from complete strangers for superficial things.

Do you want your life, your precious and fleeting time on earth to be spent trying to impress other people with your material possessions, or do you want your time to be spent making memories and connections, spending time with those you love creating life-enriching experiences?

It's tragic, and I choose that word deliberately, how American culture equates ambition, which is valued, with wealth, which is expressed by an oversized McMansion and gas-guzzling SUV. Not long ago, a colleague told me she wished she could stay home with her son. Two weeks before, she moved into a bigger house, with a bigger mortgage so that her husband, son, and she squeeze themselves into 5000 square feet. And people have a nerve to complain about the cost of energy.

Do you want to be the idiot who looks back from the death bed wishing you had done something besides buy a house to impress people not worth impressing or do you want more out of life?

As we discover tips for how to take time off and escape the daily grind, we'll share these tips...

Read Your Money or Your Life, a great resource to get you thinking about your spending habits.



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