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IMG_9738.JPG - Henry Clay Hooker. I think he looks very much like Gene Hackman.

Henry Clay Hooker. I think he looks very much like Gene Hackman.

Hooker was  born in 1827 and came to Arizona in 1866. A former California merchant, Hooker earned the money to begin his enterprises by buying 500 turkeys at $1.50 each and herding them overland to the Nevada gold fields where he sold them at $5.00 each to the hungry miners.

After establishing his ranch in 1872, Hooker introduced Shorthorns, Durhams, and Herefords into the local cattle industry, and bred race horses for their stamina and beauty. Hooker's lifestyle included indoor plumbing as well as a personal hot spring in the Galiuro Mountains.

At the time of his death in 1907, Hooker owned his original 160 acre homestead and controlled six neighboring ranches. An estimated 20,000 head of beef cattle, along with all grades of horses, a dairy herd, a hog herd, a flock of poultry, and ponds stocked with carp graced his ranch, the Sierra Bonita, show-place of the territory.
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