Grand Canyon National Park

North Kaibab Trail

September 15, 2007


North Kaibab Trail 

Here's the trail description: "Distance and hiking times vary. This is the only maintained trail into the canyon from the North Rim. Even a short hike to Coconino Overlook (1.5 miles round-trip) or Supai Tunnel (4 miles round-trip) can give you an appreciation for the canyon's rich natural beauty and immense size. A hike to Roaring Springs and back is extremely strenuous and takes a full day (7-8 hours) - begin your hike before 7 a.m. Roaring Springs lies 3050 feet /930 m below the canyon rim and is 9.4 miles/15 km round-trip. A day hike beyond Roaring Springs is not recommended. This trail is also used by mules."

I've done the hike to Roaring Springs before. It was hateful. I was 13 years younger and Camelbacks hadn't been invented yet. It was also July, which means there was a parching, scorching heat. Still I was determined to get back to the Kaibab and hike it again. I don't care what the trail description says, I don't start any hike before 9 am. 


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